Hello, I'm Nathaniel. Welcome to my personal website!

I have recently graduated from Keele University, UK, where I studied for my Computer Science BSc (Hons) degree, achieving First Class Honours.

I enjoy coding and learning about different aspects of computing and how they work. I created this website to present some of my programming projects that I have developed outside of university.

Aside from programming, I also like playing the piano and exploring the countryside in my spare time.

My LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/nathanielbrookes

Online Interactive Projects

These projects are interactive web-based applications that I have developed.

Soft Body Physics

An interactive physics simulation of a Pressure Soft Body Model in 2D. I used Javascript and the p5.js Library to create this project.

Flow Field Simulation

This simulation uses 2D Perlin noise to control the movement of particles. I wrote this in Javascript using the p5.js Library.

Random Number Generator

A visualisation of a simple Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG).

Other Projects

Evolving Soft Robots for Control Using a Gene Regulatory Network

As part of my BSc Computer Science degree, I completed a research project focused on evolving soft modular robots using an Gene Regulatory Network model.

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3D Printed Marble Logic Gate

In this project, I designed and created a 3D-printed marble logic gate which can compute any logical function including AND, OR and NOT.

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